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Ragging and abuse, where is the empathy?

Ahad, 4 Julai 2010
The death of RMC student, Naim Mustaqim Mohamad Sobri, which the cause was believed by ragging, is definitely something to be concerned about. The media is now filled with responses and opinions of public regarding to this matter. Same goes to cases of child abuse that is also seems to be a big hit for the current media. I can only think that these problems of ragging and child abuse arise, due to the lack of empathy towards each other.

The vicious cycle of ragging is commonly triggered by tradition of the institution. Activities that are supposed to be fun turned into series of humiliating others, which may seem as 'entertaining' to the audience. However, it is a different case for the 'humiliated' that he/she may hold grudge against the perpetrator. But the victim can never return the 'favor' as the senior will remain superior to him/her. Therefore, the favor is returned to the newly registered juniors when the 'humiliated' become seniors.

This cycle can never be stopped until somebody decided to change the tradition. The victims of ragging may find it unfair, but reality always hit you hard. Orientation week is supposed to introduce you to campus life and prepare you for adulthood. Respect can never be gained unless you learn to respect others first. We should apply the principles of; treat others the way you want to be treated. Varsity students are the leaders of tomorrow. Stephen R Covey said 'seek first to understand then to be understood' in his book of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. At least, we of all people should know that.


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